2023 Qualification Rules

  1. The qualification period is March 1, 2022 through February 28, 2023.
  2. To qualify, all policies must be submitted and paid within the qualification period.
  3. TAG agents may qualify either through team production or personal production. If an agent qualifies through both team and personal production, only one trip will be awarded.
  4. TAG career agents are eligible for trip qualification. Qualifiers must be active and in good standing at the time the trip is awarded to receive an invitation.
  5. All products are assigned a premium factor which determines the premium value. The total premium value of all policies for any product type issued and paid during the qualification period shall determine trip qualification. Premium values are published on www.tagcareertrip.com.
  6. Agents qualifying for the trip must be within acceptable quality of business metrics including placement, issue and persistency rates as determined by the company.
  7. TAG agents in good standing and one guest are eligible to attend. Qualifying agents may bring children or other guests but all associated costs are the responsibility of the qualifying agent. Costs associated with children or other guests attending are to be paid in advance and all travel arrangements are to be made through TAG’s designated travel agency.
  8. The trip is not transferrable and no cash allowance will be awarded in lieu of attendance.
  9. Re-writes or replacement business are not awarded trip credit.
  10. Premium written on TAG agents and any family member(s), regardless of writing agent, is not eligible for trip credit.
  11. Trip qualifiers and their guest will be awarded only one invitation regardless of the amount of premium written.
  12. TAG management reserves the right to interpret all rules for the trip and may modify, cancel, make changes or alterations at any time.